Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company adheres to high ethical standards when performing the responsibility and carrying out its business honestly. The Company meets the long-term benefit of the Company and its shareholders and also cares the society, responds to the action for saving social resources, and maintains employees' benefit and right. By following such rules, the Company already boosted the following activities¡G

Social participation, contribution to society and social service

The Company will respond to the disaster relief organized by governments voluntarily when any material natural disaster occurs domestically or overseas, and call on the Company¡¦s employees to respond to the same together, and organize the charity fundraising functions. For example, on March 11, 2011 when the magnitude 9.0 earthquake and terrible tsunami hit Japan, causing the casualty of tens of thousand civilians and missing of tens of thousand civilians, the Chairman donated one hundred Yen immediately and called on the Company¡¦s staff to donate fund. All of the raised funds were donated through World Vision Taiwan and the Red Cross Society. The Company would like to do something to encourage the victims of such terrible disaster in Japan and help them rebuilt their homes and go back to their routine life. Meanwhile, the Company also installs the invoice donation box and donates the invoice to Child Welfare League Foundation and orphanage to help the growth of the next generation.

Environmental protection and energy saving
  1. Promote and require employees to classify and recycle garbage.
  2. Encourage employees to take a break and turn off the light at noon every day.
  3. Encourage employees to carry their own chopsticks with them, in order to respond to the environmental protection and healthy life.
Protection of employees' benefit and right, and concern for employees
  1. Concern for employees: In order to well-found the Company¡¦s development and protect employee¡¦s well being, the Company expressly defined the right and obligation of labors and employer, well founded the management system and organizational function, provided a safe, healthy and fair working environment, and prepared the "Work Rules of X-LEGEND Entertainment Corp.".
  2. The Company not only established the Worker Welfare Committee but also contributed workers' benefit pursuant to laws.The Company has the Worker Welfare Committee plan and manage the employees' benefits, provides subsidy for staff local trips, and also subsidy to wedding, childbirth and funeral, and values¡@employees' health and recreationalactivities.
  3. The Labor Pension Act has become effective since July 1, 2005 and the defined contribution plan is employed. After the effect of the Act, employees have the right to choose the application of either regulations of the ¡§Labor Standards Act¡¨, or the pension plan of the ¡§Labor Pension Act¡¨ and retain theservice years before the Labor Pension Act was in effective. For employees who choose the application of the Labor Pension Act, the contribution rate of retirement fund allocated by the company must notbe less than 6% of employees¡¦ monthly salaries.
  4. The Company values employees' education training programs and arranges the education training programs for competency and expertise according to the Company's objectives, and also organizes various internal and external training programs from time to time to value the employees' self-growth.
Employees' working environment and personal safety
  1. Health care and management¡GThe Company organizes physical examinations for employees periodically. The physical examination consists of a chest X ray, blood pressure, abdominal echo, urine, blood tests, hearing impairment, eyesight and hearing, etc. Meanwhile, the Company also provides one-on-one consultation with the doctor for employees ,and with physician and health promotion plan to help employees watch their health and fulfill the healthcare life and habits.
  2. Performance of operating safety control¡GThe Company organizes the fire-protection drill periodically per year. The employees may form the ¡§self-defense fire protection team¡¨ to engage in various training programs, including fire extinguishing class, evacuation guidance class, reporting class, safety protection class and first aid class, to enhance the ability to respond to accidents, if any. The Company¡¦s internal fire protection equipment shall be tested, maintained and updated periodically per year. Meanwhile, the Company shall install the escape signboard to indicate the escape exit precisely. Further, new employees shall attend the ¡§General Labor Safety & Health Educational Training¡¨ to protect their own personal safety.
  3. Safety of working environment¡GThe Company is primarily engaged in development of online games and mobile games at the office premises only. The Company does not have any manufactory. Therefore, the Company¡¦s working environment is relatively simple and safe. Meanwhile, the Company contracts cleaning personnel to clean the inside of the office and disinfect the office periodically to maintain the environmental sanitation.
Relationship with suppliers and interested parties' right
  1. Investors relations¡GThe investors relations section has been installed on the Company's official website todisclose the information about finance, stock affairs and operation accessible by investors at any time. The Company also designated the responsible unit to collect the information about the Company and¡@make the relevant disclosures, and also delegated the spokesman, acting spokesman, and the Company¡¦s sharesregistrar, ¡§Taishin International Bank, Shareholder Services Dept.¡¨, to refer the relevant questions posed by shareholders and investors to the Company.
  2. Vendors relations¡GThe Company defined the "Operational Procedures for Management of Vendors¡¨ to maintain the quality of procurement and establish close cooperative relationship through the adequate vendors management operation.
  3. Interested parties' right¡GThe Company defined the "Operational Procedures for Transactions with Groups/Enterprises, Specific Companies and Stakeholders¡¨ to protect the benefit and right of the Company, shareholders and interested parties.
  4. Implementation of customer policy¡GThe Company defined the operational procedures for management of loan in the "Operational Procedures for Sales Management¡¨, created complete customer data, and granted adequate facility and collection conditions based on the credit investigation result, in order to ensure the successful transactions.
  5. Protection of consumers' privacy¡GThe Company valued consumer privacy protection very much, enhanced customer information protection, and prevented unauthorized persons from accessing the customer information in the information system. We boost the following relevant protection measures¡G
    1. Law & regulation¡GWe protect the customers' basic information as "extremely confidential" document. All workers shall sign the relevant non-disclosure agreement.
    2. Internal control and system management¡GOnly the staff required to perform their duty may access such information. The authority management is stated as information security. The audit unit would audit the relevant requirements periodically. The customers¡¦ application documents would be kept in the exclusive cabinet with care.
Human rights policy

The Company complies with the Labor Standard Law and respects basic labor human right principles recongnized internationally, protects employees' interests and rights, follows the requirements for.

Implementation policy¡G

  1. Provide a safe and healthy work environment.
  2. Eradicate discrimination to ensure equal employment opportunity.
  3. Forbid child labor.
  4. Eliminate forced labor.
  5. Promote employee physical and mental health and work-life balance.
  6. Review and evaluate relevant systems and actions regularly.
  7. Establish a consummation personal data protection management system of customer to protect their privacy and rights.