Which exchange market was the Company's stock listed? What is the stock code ?

The Company's stock was listed on TWSE on December 25, 2013. The stock code is 4994.

What is the Company's fiscal year ?

The Company's fiscal year commences from January 1 and ends on December 31 each year.

How to contact the shares registrar ?

Should you have any questions about the shareholder services, please contact the Company's shares registrar, Taishini International Bank, Shareholder Services Dept..
TEL: +886-2-25048125
You may also contact the staff dedicated to shareholder services of the Company, Ms. Chen.
TEL: +886-2-77186620

Where can the messages about investors' meeting organized by the Company be accessed ?

The Company will disclose the relevant messages on the M.O.P.S. before organizing an investors' meeting pursuant to laws. The detailed information about time and place will also be disclosed on the Company's official website ĦiInvestorsĦjĦ÷ĦiShareholder ServicesĦjĦ÷ĦiInvestor ConferenceĦj.

What is the Company's divident policy ?

According to the Articles of Incorporation, the earnings may be allocated in the form of cash dividends, stock dividends, or stock dividend in part and cash dividend in part. Further, 50%~100% of the balance of the current earnings less tax payment, covering of losses, legal reserve and allocation or reversal of special reserve, employee bonus and remuneration to directors/supervisors plus accumulated undistributed earnings as the employee stock dividend and bonus, and the cash dividend shall be no less than 10% of the whole dividends.

How to take part in the reimbursement of the rights / dividend values ?

The shareholders who hold the Company's stock prior to ex-right and ex-dividend dates are allowed to take part in the reimbursement of the rights/dividend values.