Internal Audit
  1. In order to fulfill the internal auditor's functions to ensure that the internal control system may be followed continuously, the Company's internal audit unit is directly subordinated to the board of directors, dedicated to the audit and evaluation on the Company's internal control.
  2. The Company's Audit Division consists of one chief auditor and one specialist, i.e. a total of full-time auditors, in charge of the audit. The internal audit supervisor's appointment and removal shall be subject to resolution of the board of directors, who shall possess the competency required by the competent authority and shall take the continued education programs related to internal audit each year and attend the internal audit seminars organized by the entity designated by the competent authority to upgrade his/her audit quality and competency.
  3. Head of Audit DivisionĄG
    1. Promotion of the Company's internal control system/internal audit system.
    2. Establishment, revision and execution of the internal audit enforcement rules of the Company and its subsidiaries.
    3. Planning, review and online reporting of the audit plans of the Company and its subsidiaries.
    4. Boosting of the Company's self-inspection operations.
    5. Status of online reporting of the Company's annual declaration of internal control.
    6. Evaluation on the status of the Company's systems, regulations and plans, and suggestions for improvement.ĄC
    7. Audit the subsidiaries at least once per year in accordance with the "the Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies".
    8. Report the audit results to supervisors and independent directors, and attend directors' meetings.
    9. In charge of the execution of special audit on internal control per instruction given by the board of directors, Chairman of the board and directors/supervisors.
    10. Guidance to, performance appraisal, management and training of the Company's auditors.
    Specialist of Audit DivisionĄG
    1. Execute annual audit plan, and submit report.
    2. Follow up and improve deficiencies in internal control.
    3. Audit on the status of the Company's systems, regulations and operational procedures, and suggestions for improvement and report.
    4. Other deliverables for special audit.
Biographies of Directors & Supervisors
  1. The internal audit unit shall draft the audit plan for following year before the end of the year and submit the plan to the board of directors for resolution, including the items to be audited on a monthly basis. The internal audit unit shall conduct the on-site audit on samples, check, inspect and evaluate the samples, independently, objectively and fairly, in accordance with the audit procedure and highlight referred to in the Company's "Internal Audit Enforcement Rules", in order to check the Company's internal control system, and shall attach the working paper and relevant information to the audit report. The relevant audit report, working paper and information shall be maintained for at least five years.
  2. The internal auditors shall disclose the deficiencies and extraordinary situations in the internal control system found upon the audit in the audit report, and follow up the same upon submission of the audit report and prepare the follow-up report periodically to ensure that the deficiencies and extraordinary situations have been corrected adequately by the various units.
  3. The audit report shall be submitted to each supervisor and independent director at the end of the month following completion of the report, and the report on status of audit shall be submitted to the board of directors periodically.
  4. Audit Division reviews the self-inspection report submitted by the Company's units and subsidiaries, and submits the same together with the internal audit result and status of improvement thereof to the board of directors and president each year for evaluation on the validity of the internal control system and issuance of the "Declaration of Internal Control System". The Declaration has been published in the annual report, IPO handbook and prospectus as required. The annual internal audit plan, implementation of audit plan, and status of improvement of deficiencies and extraordinary situations in the internal control have already reported on the M.O.P.S. as required.
  5. Audit Division completed the following online reporting operations within the time limit specified by The Securities and Futures BureauĄG
    1. Reporting on the "annual audit plan" for following year at the end of December.
    2. Reporting on the "information about chief auditor and auditors" for the year at the end of January.
    3. Reporting on the "auditors' continued education hours" for the previous year at the end of January.
    4. Reporting on the "implementation of annual audit plan" for the previous year at the end of February.
    5. Reporting on the "Declaration of Internal Control System" for the previous year at the end of March.
    6. Reporting on the "improvement of deficiencies and extraordinary situations in internal control system" for the previous year at the end of May.