• OB Date¡G08/08/2013
  • Official Site¡Ghttps://ff.x-legend.com.tw
  • Immersive environment with sub weapon classes and eidolon system.
    Countless skill combinations created by masteries and various outfits give you
    no limit from your chosen classes.

    ¡mFantasy Frontier Online¡nis a Japanese anime style MMORPG. Gamers play as¡§Envoys¡¨, guiding their¡§Eidolons¡¨through their minds, experiencing the adventures together. By cooperating, they can cast powerful and fatal spells to face the challenges of the destiny.

    Overseas Publishing Overseas Publishing
    Outstanding Achievements
      • Taiwan - 2014 Game Star - Best MMO RPG Gold Award
        • Taiwan - Best Online Game - Yahoo game survey 2014
        • Taiwan - Silver award of Best MMORPG - Gamer.com.tw 2014
        • Taiwan - Silver award of Best Domestic Game Development - Gamer.com.tw 2014
          • Taiwan - 2013 Game Star¡GBest MMO RPG Gold Award
            • Japan - 2013 WebMoney¡GAward Best New MMO