• OB DateˇG06/28/2012
  • Official SiteˇGhttps://lh.x-legend.com.tw
  • Fierce Fighting, Friendship System,
    Various Weapon System without Class boundary

    ˇ§Legendary Heroes Onlineˇ¨ starts from ancient East, the storyline skillfully combined with well-known history events, fiction plots and Eastern historical celebrities. In this game player can shuttle through time and space and save the history.

    The players will not be limited to any martial art criteria, they can learn skills with the celebrities they meet in-game and even recruit the NPCs as their partners. In this game, we have designed the air combat system that player can cast and fight when flying in the air. With unique martial arts design and real combating feeling, player will find the best visual and playing experience they ever had.

    Overseas Publishing Overseas Publishing
    Outstanding Achievements
      • Taiwan - 2012 Best MMO RPG Golden award
        • Taiwan - Gamebase 2012 Silver award for Domestic MMORPG