Responsible business for each major department
  • Dept.
  • Major Duty
    • Audit Division
      1. Establishing and maintaining the internal audit policy, measuring the effect of implementation of policies, and provide suggestions about improvement.
      2. Protecting the Company・s assets, and avoid waste, abuse and inefficiency.
      3. Routine and special audit, and audit on extraordinary issues.
      4. Investigating and evaluating the integrity of each department・s internal control and the implementation of the annual auditing plan.
      5. Preparing audit report and performance appraisal on corrective actions.
      6. Conducting internal audits on various internal control operations performed in the Company and report the implementation of audit to the relevant officers periodically.
    • Chairman Room
      1. Preparation, planning and supervision of the Company・s business management policies and quality policies objectives.
      2. Preparation of the Company・s interim or overall business strategies and modification of operation results.
      3. Execution of overall business, and supervision and coordination of various units.
      4. Planning and execution of motions resolved at the directors・ meetings.
    • HR Dept.
      1. Responsible for preparation, revision and execution of the Company・s HR management, and planning and execution of education training programs.
      2. Planning of employees・ benefits and guidance to the employee welfare committee.
      3. Planning the Company・s employee benefit operations.
    • Purchasing Dept.
      1. Purchase of the general equipment, supplies, stationary and consumables.
      2. Establish the mode of purchase and suppliers・ record.
      3. Planning of the property management rules, and processing of the insurance policies for real estate, factory premises and equipment.
    • Warehousing Dept.
      1. Inventory management.
      2. Management of shipment and delivery.
    • Labor Safety Dept.
      1. Safety & health management and initiative action plan for prevention of occupational disasters.
      2. Assisting unit supervisors in promotion, supervision and follow-up, and providing reports and suggestions.
    • Financial Accounting Dept.
      1. Finance: Planning and review of fund allocation, financial management and budget control.
      2. Accounting: Reconciliation of accounts and taxation, review and check of expenses, preparation and analysis of financial statements and management statements, and assistance in preparation of the annual budget.
      3. Others: Contact with the shareholders service agent.
    • IT Dept.
      1. Assisting in maintenance of PC and peripheral devices, ERP system and mail system throughout the Company.
      2. Management and maintenance of computer software and hardware.
      3. Management of IT system・s backup and safety.
      4. Planning and management of the Company・s IDC.
    • Sales Dept.
      1. Responsible for the sales and development of product channels and internet cafe.
      2. Responsible for processing orders placed by customers and shipping virtual products.
      3. Verification of and search for goods returned from customers.
      4. Reconcile the accounts with customers.
    • Overseas Operation Dept.
      1. Responsible for following up and coordinating overseas business, and developing overseas markets and importing overseas new products.
      2. Establish contact window with overseas suppliers and maintaining the relationship.
      3. Development and license of new territories and new markets.
      4. Planning, evaluation, investigating and operating the development of overseas markets.
    • Marketing Dept.
      1. Execution of product promotion campaigns.
      2. Utilization of and cooperation with various advertisement media.
      3. Planning and execution of marketing plans.
      4. Promoting, publicity and press release for new product presentation.
    • OPS Dept.
      1. Organization, maintenance, management and backup of online game system.
      2. Planning, maintenance and management of the hardware system in IDC.
      3. Membership and billing system, and game database backup.
      4. Documentation and management of customer data, development and maintenance of billing system.
      5. Responsible for research & development of online games, maintenance and management of the system, and supply and update the contents on the online game web pages.
      6. Development of website programs and maintenance of system.
      7. Technical support and management, and maintenance thereof.
    • Product Operation Dept.
      1. Game market analysis and channeling strategy planning.
      2. Organizing products・ schedule and distributing various resources.
      3. Analyzing the historical data of customers and simulating customers・ experience.
      4. Organizing social activities, product introduction, cooperation with other channel affiliate.
      5. Provide customer with advices and maintain the Company・s network platform.
      6. Collecting game feedback, responding to email-requests, organizing and analysis collected questions, providing.
    • Planning Dept.
      1. Research and develop project with innovative concepts, including the story background and character model sheet, core playing styles and data parameter settings.
      2. After the implementation of projects, optimize the research and development process specific to the programming results.
      3. Research and analyze the users・ needs and add innovative functions accordingly.
      4. Product market research and planning of marketing strategy.
      5. The composition of music and sound effects for the game projects.
    • Art Design Dept.
      1. Use art software to design and create 3D models, 2D pixels and game animations that match with project・s diverse styles.
      2. After the implementation of projects, evaluate game performance and visual display performance, adjust the model and pixels until the optimization of image display and efficiency.
      3. Use dynamic capture system to design the movements of each character, ensure that the screen visuals are natural and lively.
    • Programming Dept.
      1. Program software tool editor for the Planning and Art Design departments, in order to improve the research・s and development・s efficiencies.
      2. Modify the mid and low end 3D engines on the larger scale so they are suitable for the research and development system of the Company.
      3. Research and develop tools for the improvement of game performance, visual performance and stability of servers.
    • Testing Dept.
      1. Responsible of in depth quality control on games and reduce their programming errors.
    • Engine Dept.
      1. Create text editing tools suitable for R&D teams to use in their projects.
      2. Constantly optimizing 3D engines, making sure they reach their best performance.
      3. Develop tools that optimize other aspects of the gaming experience such as functions, screen resolution and the server・s stability.
    • Administration Dept.
      1. Archiving and management of R&D documentation for projects.