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GENRE:MMORPG OB DATE:08/08/2013 OFFICIAL SITE:http://www.ffonline.com.tw
Immersive environment with sub weapon classes and eidolon system.
Countless skill combinations created by masteries and various outfits give you
no limit from your chosen classes.
《Fantasy Frontier Online》is a Japanese anime style MMORPG. Gamers play as“Envoys”, guiding their“Eidolons”through their minds, experiencing the adventures together. By cooperating, they can cast powerful and fatal spells to face the challenges of the destiny.
Japan https://genshin.x-legend.co.jp   Korea https://ak.x-legend.co.kr
China http://ffo.changyou.com   Hong Kong http://ff.alta.hk
Thailand http://fft.winner.co.th   English http://aurakingdom.aeriagames.com
France http://fr.aurakingdom.aeriagames.com   German http://de.aurakingdom.aeriagames.com
Spanish http://es.aurakingdom.aeriagames.com    
Taiwan - 2014 Game Star - Best MMO RPG Gold Award
Taiwan - Best Online Game - Yahoo game survey 2014
Taiwan - Silver award of Best MMORPG - Gamer.com.tw 2014
Taiwan - Silver award of Best Domestic Game Development - Gamer.com.tw 2014
Taiwan - 2013 Game Star - Best MMO RPG Gold Award
Japan - 2013 WebMoney - Award Best New MMO