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GENREˇGMMORPG OB DATEˇG07/07/2011 OFFICIAL SITEˇGhttp://www.gdonline.com.tw
Transforming system, Pet system, Talent system, Dying system,
Territory system
The storyline begins with the war which took place in the southern and northern continents. In the world of “Glory Destiny”, each race is the descendant of the ancient holy beasts. Players can gather the special power during the battles and release it when it’s exceeded, to awake the holy beast bloodline, transforming into those powerful holy beasts to make the deadly stikes.
Hong Kong http://gd.alta.hk/obweb/index_in.html   Japan http://harezora.vector.co.jp/
Taiwan - 2012 Best MMO RPG Bronze award
Taiwan - 2011 Best MMO RPG Golden award
Taiwan - Gamebase 2011 Golden award for Domestic MMORPG
Taiwan - Top 1 "Domestic Title" on Bahamut Forum over 100 days continually
Taiwan - Top 1 "Topic" on Bahamut Forum over a week
Taiwan - Top 1 "Upcoming Title" on Bahamut Forum for weeks during CCB
Taiwan - Average concurrent users hit over 40k in the first week of OB
Hong Kong - 2000Fun Most Expecting Game No.1, CCU reaches to over 10,000, hit a new
ˇ@ˇ@ ˇ@ ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@ˇ@record in H.K.