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GENREˇGMMORPG OB DATEˇG12/04/2008 OFFICIAL SITEˇGhttp://gf.x-legend.com.tw
Sprite breeding & training, Complete manufacturing system & varied events, Challenge to multiple attlegrounds& dungeons,
Guild Space & Sprite Houses
Combining Role-Playing and EDU, players are as sprite messengers to travel through 3 different kingdoms, meet other sprite partners, and to grow up with them. Players can have their sprites collecting a variety of different materials to make their own weapons and armors, or even to destruct them. Fighting among 8 different classes, and finally return the sprites back to the continent, to guard the world again…
English http://grandfantasia.aeriagames.com   France http://fr.grandfantasia.aeriagames.com
Spanish http://lat.grandfantasia.aeriagames.com  
Portuguese http://pt.grandfantasia.aeriagames
Taiwan - Bahamut Best Domestic Online Game for 3 years
Taiwan - 2010 Best MMO RPG Bronze award
Japan - Best Game Prize & Best Rookie Prize
Japan - Japan 2009 Online Game Award
Japan - Japan Online Gamer MMORPG Second place
North America - Break first-day login record of all Aeria Games